PROJECT RESULT 1: Strengthening organizations

PR1 focuses on training sessions in the form of workshops and lectures to reinforce internal capacity. Several areas are covered such as: green system of organisation, organisation of sustainable events; advocacy, methodologies of work in the field of antiracism-anti-discrimination; methodologies of global learning, creative digital tools and methodologies of digital learning, Intersectoral dialogue between civil society organisations.

PROJECT RESULT 2: Guidelines for youth workers: How to address sensitive topics such as migration and climate change?

PR2 produces qualitative research carried out in all four partner countries (Slovenia, Spain, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina) and provides an in-depth analysis of the state of needs and work of youth workers in the highly topical areas of climate change, climate migration and youth activism.

PROJECT RESULT 3: Online course about climate migration 

PR3 training is based on non-formal education methods and on a combination of online and offline methods (videos, assignments, practical work in pairs, field work with young people). All modules are based on interdisciplinarity and intersection of different global themes. Training methodology is based on global education, intersectionality and experiences partly prepared in collaboration with young activists who introduce their perspective on climate issues, migration, youth advocacy, and climate justice.

PROJECT RESULT 4: “Beyond the tales” global – youth stories on climate change and migration

The stories included in the “Beyond the tales” booklet contribute to hope and encourage action through the participation and writings of young people and young activists across the globe.

We walk the talk

Specific guidelines the partnership is following when implementing #beyondtales

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