PROJECT RESULT 2: Engage Youth in Climate Migration: Guidelines for Youth Work

Climate change and migration present two seemingly separate global challenges. But these global themes are inextricably linked. One of the world’s most urgent issues indeed is the forced displacement and migration of people due to the consequences of human-induced climate change, or ‘climate migration`.

Climate migration is therefore a topic that should also be addressed in youth work in order to prepare young people for the challenges of our time. But what is the best way to approach this complex topic? The following guidelines emerged from our focus group discussions with youth workers in 4 European countries (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain and Austria).

Focus Group Report

The qualitative research in the form of a focus groups in each of the partner countries provided an in-depth analysis of the state of needs and work of youth workers in the areas of climate change, (climate) migration and youth activism.

Find the Focus Group Report in English here.

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