Engaging youth in climate migration

Global problems are not isolated, they are interdependent, intertwined, complex, so it is important that their addressing is just that, connected.

Call for papers on #HumanMobility and #Immobility in the context of #drought. It's for a conference at the University of Augsburg (Germany), 28-29 April 2023. I give a keynote. Hope to see you there! #ClimateMigration #Migration #Mobilities #ClimateChange


Despite a record year of climate disasters which displaced millions around the world, #ClimateMigration was largely left off the agenda at #COP27. While some progress was made, more needed to be done to tackle this global issue. Here’s what global leaders could’ve done at COP:

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Promote and strengthen the connection and solidarity between youth workers and young people and to spread understanding, solidarity, and encourage activation for a climate and socially just society.

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