WANAMEY. Por una tierra linda.

The German filmmaker Wim Wenders dedicated a documentary in 2014 to SebastiĆ£o Salgado. It was titled ‘The Salt of the Earth’ (Salgado, in Portuguese, means ‘salty’) and, apart from reviewing the life and work of the brilliant Brazilian photographer, it recounted his latest great project: reforesting a large plot of Amazon rainforest inherited from his parents. In ten years and after planting more than two million trees, he had turned a completely desertified area into an orchard.

The Catalan Pablo Yglesias (one of the participants in the BTT course “Climate driven migration”) is trying to do something similar in Peru, where he has been restoring a secondary forest for seven years. “My idea is to create a study foundation to teach what I’ve learned, to teach how to restore Amazonian rainforest ecosystems, to begin with,” he says. But it’s not that easy: “People tend to think it’s just planting trees and that’s it; that’s not the case. Even if the area looks green again in a few years, the rainforest has not yet recovered its biodiversity.
You can access the whole video here.

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