Understanding Climate Migration – Webinar Dr. David Mfitumukiza (Uganda)

In the Beyond Tales project we have hosted a very interesting webinar organized by our Ugandan associated partner, Environmental Alert. Amongst many inspiring personal accounts of experiences of climate migration, in the webinar we could also learn about Climate migration at Local and National levels in Uganda, given in a fascinating lecture by the professor David Mfitumukiza from Makerere University Department of Geography, Geo-informatics and Climate Sciences. He presented long history of migration influenced by climate change, from so-called cattle corridors in Uganda where people naturally moved with their herds due to water scarcity and draughts, to current movements of people within the country as well as across borders into Kenya in the east due to variety of factors. He concluded that climate change is still not mainstreamed in the discussions and policies about migration, and concluded his lecture with a valuable collection of policy response suggestions.

We thank Mr. Mfitumukiza and our colleagues at Environmental Alert for this inspiring event!


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