Rinova – associated partner

We are happy to present Rinova, our associated partner from Spain, who support the Beyond The Tales project with digital know-how and contact to people who have migrated and wish to share their story. Rinova is a learning and development company based in Spain and in the UK, with a mission in promoting social innovation in relation to cultural, educational, digital and economic inclusion. It aims to foster inclusive learning, responsible entrepreneurship and promote employability skills and civic participation. Rinova has a specialist emphasis on digital content development, e-learning and online communities of practice, and transversal expertise through creativity and culture.  

Promoting inclusive adult education is a central theme to Rinova’s work. Much of their work has been in the field of fostering social inclusion, combating educational alienation and building international communities of practice. The work has contributed to the development of the European Cultural Learning Network and innovative international partnerships concerned with entrepreneurship, the development of soft skills and employability skills through the arts and non-formal and informal mentoring and professional development learning programmes in the creative industries.
In their Málaga location they are strongly involved and supporting the local authority running the current national Digital innovation hub of reference for the video game and advance media and entertainment industry.  Their team has incorporated gamification across various activities and projects over the years, in order to experiment with innovative learning methodologies that engage many different learners. They are presently partnering relevant projects such as IEEDO, which aims to foster the integration of recently arrived refugees in the host country with the support of a video game-based app.  
In addition to EU funded project, Rinova practice staff have been providing information, advice, guidance and business coaching for social innovators and young entrepreneurs in Málaga, Valencia and Barcelona most of whom are developing new services and products in the field of digital content and/or EU projects concerned with adult learning.  Rinova is also a member of the EU Pact for Skills, and an intermediate organization for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE).
Contact person for this project: gigi guizzo ( gigig@rinova.es )

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