Mid-term meeting of the project  “Beyond the Tales” , was conducted in Mostar from 13.06.2022 until 17.06.2022. On the first day, the partners, besides discussing Project Results 1 and 2, visited Citizens Association Nešto Više, a non-governmental organization established in 1997 by a group of young people experienced in working with organizations from the civil society sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the second day, 15.06.2022, LDAMostar and partners of the project “Beyond the Tales”, participated in a meeting with the representatives from The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Environmental Protection of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, in which, besides the presentation of their individual work, the topics like climate change and migration in Bosnia and Herzegovina were discussed.

Last day of the mid-term meeting 16.06.2022, of the project “Beyond the Tales”, started with the visit from the representative of Grad Mostar (The City of Mostar- Business Service Center), where topics like climate change and migration were discussed, besides other environmental issues related to Mostar. Towards the end of this visit, partners agreed upon and concluded the next steps of the activities and dissemination of the project.

Beyond the Tales project is a two-year capacity-building project cofounded by the Erasmus+ program of the EU. Beyond the Tales team will develop in 24 months four interconnected main Project Results as capacity building, qualitative research, an online course, and a booklet with global youth stories on climate change and migration . These results will be obtained thanks to European cooperation actions including the transfer of good practices, focus groups with youth workers, blended training and local activities.
Beyond the Tales is a project coordinated by Društvo Humanitas (Slovenia) in partnership with Südwind (Austria), Umanotera (Slovenia), CEPS Projectes Socials (Spain), Agencija lokalne demokratije Mostar (BIH).

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