First Online partner meeting!

This first project partner meeting was organized by the lead partner Humanitas online, and all project partners were represented from 4 countries: Bosnia, Austria, Slovenia and Spain.
The team will be working together for the next two years in order to implement this project about climate migration.

​​The general objective of the project is to provide knowledge and information for youth work practitioners, in order to acquire and strengthen competencies and a critical understanding of climate migration. Through the educational-awareness project we want to promote and strengthen the connection and solidarity between youth workers and young people and to spread understanding, solidarity, and encourage activation for a climate and socially just society. An important project goal is also the implementation of a communication plan, through which we will inform the general public about the project contents and encourage public discourse on climate migration, which is currently an overlooked topic. Last but not least, the goal is to increase the organizational capacity of the NGO sector in partner countries through the dissemination of acquired organizational knowledge through the networks of partner organizations. Through project activities, we want to support and promote the new EU initiative “Climate Education Coalition” in the fight against climate change.

Very excited to start this journey together!

#erasmusplus #MOOC #elearning #climatemigration #weareallmigrants

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