Our third associated partner comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Citizens Association “Nešto Više” is a non-governmental organization established in 1997 by a group of young people experienced in working with organizations from the civil society sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Their programs and projects have been implemented in more than 70 local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Their vision is a morally responsible and tolerant Bosnian society and their motto “learning through work”. The organization fosters competence, security and community through the mutual care of the individual and the community. “Nešto Više” encourages positive change in society by giving individuals and groups the opportunity to build, through formal and informal education, networking, work, shared experiences, and help, others into competent and responsible leaders who believe in themselves and others for openness and belonging to their society.


Among other topics, they focus on breaking down prejudices and closed value systems, protection and promotion of mental health, improving socio-economic living conditions, providing various forms of assistance to vulnerable categories in society and offering professional training and cooperation with students while improving study conditions in BiH. EkoDizajn d.o.o is a socially responsible company owned by the Citizens Association “Nešto Više”. It provides landscaping services on the market solely on the basis of ecological principles, the sale of organically grown food, and organizing events and conducting promotional campaigns related to agriculture and rural development.

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