Beyond the tales associated partner – Environmental Alert (Uganda)

For more than 33 years, Environmental Alert (EA) has been working to improve livelihoods in Uganda through several interventions in sustainable agriculture, environment and natural resources management. Currently EA’s operations are in 20 districts across the Uganda. EA undertakes structured service delivery mobilizing communities and facilitating development of their skills, approaches andfurthermore, this interaction generates experiences, lessons and facts, which inform EA’s issue-based advocacy agenda at the community, local, national and international levels. In its advocacy work, EA employs the human rights-based approach to citizen empowerment by raising public awareness about policies, rights, roles and obligations, laws and regulations and best practices in expression of community rights. At the National level, EA has considerable experience in policy advocacy in the environment sector. EA engages youth through the school program on environmental education and WASH but also works with youth organizations to raise youth voices.


Environmental Alert is the secretariat of the following nationwide networks

PROLINNOVA – Promoting Local Innovation

UFWG – Uganda Forestry Working Group

RECSO – Renewable Energy Civil Society Network

ENR-CSO- Environment and Natural Resources Civil Society Organizations

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