PROJECT RESULT 1: Strengthening organizations

As part of the Beyond the Tales project, each of the project partners prepared a lecture or a workshop in their fields of work for the other partners. The goal of this was twofold:

The first objective was internal capacity building. By attending the workshops and lectures of other partners, the organisations acquired new methods of work and action, built their capacity and strengthened their competences in previously unfamiliar fields. Going forward, each partner organisation will implement the newly obtained skills and knowledge within their internal policies and daily routines.

The second objective of this project result was external. After executing their worksop or lecture, each organisation prepared an informational leaflet on the topic they presented – both in English and in their national language (German, Slovenian, Spanish or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian).

5 leaflets were created, titled:

The informational leaflets all follow the same structure. First, a concept is briefly introduced, followed by an explanation of why it is important. The third and most important part of the leaflet is focused on implementation – how can organisations implement this newly obtained knowledge and integrate it into their daily routines and internal policies?

The informational leaflets are primarily aimed at other organisations from other sectors (NGO, public and private sector) who wish to work in a more intersectional, sustainable and inclusive way. However they can benefit anyone, who deems this content useful in their respective environment – in schools, offices, even in private settings.

Are you familiar with principles of sustainable event organisation? Are you using sustainable digital conferencing tools? Have you already adopted inclusivity guidelines on an organisational level? The informational leaflets will provide you with a useful context and concrete guidelines for the implementation of the principles of sustainable management, antidiscrimination, participatory democracy, digital learning and global education into your work and organisational structures.

The informational leaflets are therefore available for reading and disseminating further.

Find the informational leaflets in Spanish here.
Find the informational leaflets in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian here.
Find the informational leaflets in German here.
Find the informational leaflets in Slovene here.

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