The international training Beyond the Tales, which was held in Maribor, Slovenia in November, represented the final part of the blended training on the topic of climate migration. All of the participants, who took part in the in-person training in Slovenia, beforehand participated in the online course*, which dealt with the topic over the course of 3 modules (Climate MigrationDecolonizing knowledge through global learning and Changing perspectives).

The final part of the blended training was attended by 20 participants from Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Slovenia, who learned more in-depth about the topic of climate migration and integrated into practice the knowledge they acquired during the online course. They got to know new methods to convey training topics, which can be further used in their own work (in formal and non-formal educational environments). One of the aims of the training in-person was also to offer a space for networking and getting to know good sustainable practices that touched upon given topic.

Among other things, the participants went on a tour of Maribor and learned about its history through the lens of migration; they also participated in the interactive theatre play on climate migration Planet X and in the workshop on the preparation of successful campaigns on the topic of climate migration (led by CEPS). The timetable also included workshops (and learning about new methods on how to talk about) climate hot-spots, migration trends and climate colonization. One day of the training involved the attendance of the International global learning conference in Ljubljana, which focused on the link between climate change and migration, and on how climate migration is embedded in existing global inequalities. On the last day of the training, the topic of how to encourage youth participation in various processes was dealt with during the workshop by LDA Mostar, and the last part of the training was dedicated to getting to know two examples of successful activation of individuals: Voice of the People (Glas Ljudstva) and Youth for Climate Justice (Mladi za podnebno pravičnost).

During the training, participants prepared action plans, which they can use further on to systematically pass on the newly acquired knowledge during the training and they have also developed new methods on how to address climate change and migration.


* The online course consisted of three modules, spanning for six weeks in total. Each module had several lectures:

  • Module 1 – Climate driven migration offered an insight into the climate crisis, which helped participants better understand the main causes of climate migration.
  • Module 2 – Decolonizing knowledge through global learning during which participants dived into global learning, a transformative and life-long and life-wide learning method, enabling them to (un)learn and shift some perspectives of our knowledge of the world.
  • Module 3 – Changing perspectives is a module created by youth and based on their perspectives regarding themes of poverty, climate crisis and migration, and its effect on young people.


Photos from the training are available on the link here.

Agenda of the training is available here.

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